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surfs__up's Journal

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As Surfers our perspective on things different on almost everything. We wake up for 7am DP, while others would barely wake up that early for work. We respect the beach and act as if it was our own backyard, as others trash it with soda cans and cigerette butts. Hurricanes bring us a joy, while with others it brings them fear. We would rather spend an hour waxing our board than an hour waxing our car. Sitting in the water waiting 15 minutes for that perfect set is no big deal, but God forbid us to sit in traffic for that long. The guys next to you in the lineup could be a doctor, painter, or a teacher, but you look at him no differently you are both there for the same reason. And when you go back to school or work and tell them about that insane barell, they look at you funny, but only we know that feeling